42 Pcs Of Fw10 Mini Excavators Transported To Usa

On April 14, 2023, we just exported an order of customized mini excavators in such a beautiful pink color. The FW10 mini excavators were exported from Qingdao fullwin warehouse and will soon be shipped to the United States. At present, Qingdao Fullwin’s excavator series products have obtained EPA, CE certification, ISO quality system certification, TVU certification, and other certifications.

The micro excavator model for this shipment is FW10, with the Changchai 192F engine – powerful and stable in operation, and the popular science engine – meeting European emission requirements. Briggs&Stratton engine – meets US emission requirements. Other factories can only use regular diesel engines and cannot meet the emission requirements of the United States and Europe.

The FW10 excavator can also be used in conjunction with accessories such as spiral drills, grabs, rakes, scarifiers, narrow buckets, etc. to meet different construction scenarios.

The entire FW10 small excavator has undergone sandblasting, acid washing, phosphating, and spraying, which can increase the adhesion of paint molecules, making it more durable, non discoloring, and smoother.

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