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2.2 ton mini excavator is a compact piece of construction equipment that is commonly used for digging and excavation work in small to medium-sized construction projects. It typically weighs around 2.2 tons and can be easily transported to different job sites using a trailer or truck.

This type of excavator is equipped with a hydraulic system that allows for smooth and precise movements of the arm and bucket. The arm is usually fitted with a range of attachments, such as buckets, hammers, and augers, that can be easily interchanged to suit different types of excavation work.

2.2 ton mini excavators are commonly used in landscaping, trenching, and demolition work, as well as for digging foundations and footings for small buildings. They are also popular in the agricultural industry for tasks such as digging irrigation ditches and creating drainage systems.

2.2T Mini Excavator ADVANTAGES

Compact Size

The small size of the excavator allows it to fit in tight spaces and navigate through narrow access points that larger machines cannot reach. This makes it ideal for working in residential areas or urban environments where space is limited.


Mini excavators are highly maneuverable, which allows operators to easily dig, move, and place materials with precision. This makes them ideal for jobs that require a high degree of accuracy and control.


Mini excavators can be equipped with a range of attachments, such as hammers, augers, and rippers, which enables them to perform a variety of tasks. This versatility makes them a valuable tool for many different types of construction and excavation projects.


Mini excavators are designed for efficiency, with hydraulic systems that provide smooth and precise movement of the boom and bucket. This allows operators to complete tasks quickly and accurately, which can save time and money


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Total Length 3850
Total Width 1300
Total Height 2128
Ground Clearance 458
Total Weight 2000
Ground Pressure 38
Max.digging height 3556
Maximum ground excavation radius 4045
Max.digging depth 2150
Max.dumping height 2452
Slewing Angel 360°
Grade Ability 30°
Travel Speed 2.5
Bucket Capacity 0.045
Bucket Width 450
Track Gauge 950mm
Track Width 230mm
Track Length (On ground) 1900mm
Main Pump Triple Pump
Mpa(Main Pressure) 18
Max Rmp of the Pump 2500
Pump displacement 18
Enginee Model Laidong 385
Output(KW/rpm) 18.1/2200

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