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The 4.0 ton excavator delivers exceptional performance across a variety of applications. Its powerful engine and hydraulic system ensure high efficiency, while the sturdy undercarriage delivers added stability and performance. The excavator’s excellent overall balance and stability make it ideal for use on both rough terrain and flat surfaces.

4.0T Mini Excavator ADVANTAGES

Compact Size

The small size of the excavator allows it to fit in tight spaces and navigate through narrow access points that larger machines cannot reach. This makes it ideal for working in residential areas or urban environments where space is limited.


Mini excavators are highly maneuverable, which allows operators to easily dig, move, and place materials with precision. This makes them ideal for jobs that require a high degree of accuracy and control.


Mini excavators can be equipped with a range of attachments, such as hammers, augers, and rippers, which enables them to perform a variety of tasks. This versatility makes them a valuable tool for many different types of construction and excavation projects.


Mini excavators are designed for efficiency, with hydraulic systems that provide smooth and precise movement of the boom and bucket. This allows operators to complete tasks quickly and accurately, which can save time and money


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Overall size (Unit) FW40
Overall length (when transported) mm 4485
Overall width (transport operation) mm 1550
Overall height (when transported) mm 2440
Dozer blade (retract, extend) mm 1550
Bulldozer blade height mm 335
Track center distance mm 1250
Distance from the center of slewing to the tail of the track mm 1030
Standard track shoe width mm 300
Minimum ground clearance mm 290
Standard bucket width (with or without side teeth) mm 520/170
track length mm 2100
wheel spacing mm 1665
digging height mm 4600
unloading height mm 3175
digging depth mm 2880
Maximum Vertical Arm Digging Depth mm 2305
Maximum digging distance mm 4965
The minimum turning radius of the front end mm 2035
The minimum turning radius of the rear end mm 790
Maximum excavation ground distance mm 4845
Dozing height mm 360
Dozing depth mm 340
Bucket moves left horizontally mm 635
Bucket moves horizontally to the right mm 600
Total Weight kg 3515
Bucket capacity m3 0.09
engine model   3TNV88-BSSY
Displacement L(cc) 1.64
rated power KW/rpm 19.6
Walking speed (high, low) KM/h 3.0/4.2
Swing speed r/min 8.5
swing angle 度(。) 70/50
Gradeability %度 58(30)
Ground specific pressure kpa 28.4(0.29)
Bucket Digging Force kn 26.5
fuel tank capacity L 40

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