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The 6.5 ton excavator is a powerful and versatile piece of equipment that is designed for heavy-duty excavating and construction applications. With its combination of power and precision, this excavator gives contractors the ability to tackle even the toughest of jobs.The 6.5 ton excavator’s high power and advanced hydraulic system ensure that it delivers consistent and high-quality performance. Digging, excavating, grading, and trenching are all accomplished efficiently and accurately, every time. Its rugged design and durable construction allow it to endure even the toughest of conditions, delivering reliable performance no matter the challenge.

6.5T Mini Excavator ADVANTAGES

Compact Size

The small size of the excavator allows it to fit in tight spaces and navigate through narrow access points that larger machines cannot reach. This makes it ideal for working in residential areas or urban environments where space is limited.

High power

The 6.5 ton excavator is equipped with a high-powered engine that delivers the necessary power to efficiently undertake heavy-duty tasks.

Precision control

Precise movements and digging depths are achieved with the excavator’s advanced hydraulic system and intuitive controls.

Robust construction

The excavator is designed to be strong, sturdy and reliable, able to handle rigorous excavation and construction work in almost any conditions.


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Engine model Yanmar4TNV94L
emission standard National Ⅲ
Engine power 36.2KW/2100RPM
Number of cylinders 4
Injection model Direct injection
Maximum digging height mm 5632
Maximum digging depth mm 3835
Maximum digging radius mm 6145
Maximum unloading height mm 3950
Maximum vertical excavation depth mm 2680
Track width (mm) 2060
Rear end turning radius (mm) 1670
Minimum turning radius mm 2640
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 385
Track gauge (mm) 1560
Total track width (mm) 2000
Total length of track (mm) 2540
Track shoe width (mm) 400
Boarding width (mm) 1850
Total transportation height (mm) 2587
Total transportation width (mm) 1980
Total transportation length (mm) 5865
Stick length mm 1600
Boom length (mm) 3000
Bucket capacity (m3) 0.22
Operating Weight Kg 5850
Ground specific voltage KPA 31
Gradeability 30°
Traveling speed KM/H 4.5/2.1
Maximum traction force (kN) 52
Stick digging force (kN) 32
Bucket digging force (kN) 49
Crusher pipeline Standard configuration
Quick Coupler Optional
Rotary drill Optional

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