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The Compact Wheel Loader is a reliable and efficient piece of equipment that is ideal for various construction and material handling projects. With its powerful engine and durable design, this loader can handle a range of tasks, from loading and transporting materials to clearing debris and snow.The product features: Powerful engine for efficient operation/Durable design with high-strength steel frame and hydraulic components/Compact size for easy maneuverability in tight spaces/Multiple attachments available for versatility in different applications/Simple and intuitive controls for easy operation/Safety features such as a backup alarm and emergency shut-off switch


Operating load (kg) 700
Max Speed ( km/h ) 10
Rated flux (L/min) 60
High Flow Flux (L/min) /
Tire (track ) model 300X52.5
Rated power (Kw) 36
Fuel tank capacity (L) 50
self weight bucket (kg) 2800
Bucket capacity (m3) 0.3
Overall operating height (mm) 3350
Height to bucket hinge pin (mm) 2770
Hheight to top of cab (mm) 2050
Height to bottom of level bucket(mm) 2603
Without bucket length ( mm ) 2300
Overall length with bucket(mm) 2950
Dumping angle at maximum height(°) 40
Dumping height(mm) 2100
Dumping reach(mm) 790
Rollback o bucket on ground(°) 30
Rollback of bucket at full height(°) 104
Wheelbase(mm) 1240
Ground clearance(mm) 140
Angle of departure^) 20
Front turning radius without bucket(mm) 1064
Front tuning radius(mm) 1825
Rear tuning radius(mm) 1264
Rear axle to bumper (mm) 594
Tread width (mm) 1102
Width (mm) 1402
Bucket width (mm) 1500

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