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The Skid Steer Loader sets the standard for performance and durability in its class. With its high-performance engine, robust design, and versatile attachments, this loader can tackle a variety of tasks with ease, from moving heavy materials to grading and excavation. Its compact size also makes it ideal for use in tight spaces where larger machines cannot operate.

Brand Story: Our company has a long history of providing top-quality construction equipment to our customers. We are committed to offering products that meet the highest standards of performance and durability, while also providing exceptional customer service and support.


Rated operating capacity(kg) 1050
Tipping load (kg) 2100
Bucket capacity(m3) 0.5
Engine power (kw) 55
Weight(kg) 3500
Max travel speed (km/h) 12
Grade ability 20
Tyre 12-16.5
Fuel/hyd oil capacity (L) 90/90
Height at maximum extension 4070
Hinge pin height (mm) 3269
Total height (mm) 2160
Length with a bucket (mm) 3580
Length without bucket(mm) 2880
Width with a bucket (mm) 1880
Track width (mm) 1500
Wheelbase (mm) 1115
Ground clearance (mm) 205
Dumping angle  40
Dumping height (mm) 2450
Maximum reach (mm) 700

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